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Connecting a PC PSU

If you connect a Apollo accelerator card, a hard drive and other peripherals to your Amiga 600, the PSU that comes with the Amiga 600 will not be able to provide enough power (especially if it's a 2.5 A PSU, look at the bottom of the PSU to check. Some Amiga PSU's provide 4.5 A, these MIGHT work).

We therefore decided to use an old non-ATX PC PSU for the Amiga 600. The following pictures show how we have connected the PSU to the Amiga 600. Click on the pictures for larger images. Watch the pins that we've bridged and make sure that the output connector from your PSU is identical to the one we've used:


If you prefer to connect an ATX PSU to your Amiga, you will find instructions how to do so on Aminet.